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Vestido estilo Flapper morado talla extra

Vestido extragrande con flecos y flecos
Vestido extragrande con flecos y flecos Vestido estilo Flapper morado talla extra
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Descripción del Producto

The alley is dark, it doesn't look like much back there. A cat, or what you hope is a cat, skitters away from you as you step, tentatively, away from the sidewalk and into the gloom. There's one light above a door at the end of the alley and you hurry toward it, your heels clicking on the paving stones. You knock two hard knocks and three light on the door, just like you were told to do. A handsome man in a fedora answers and as he opens the door you hear it and smell it all at once. The trumpeting of the brass band, the smoke, the laughter, the magic of the speakeasy is floating up from the staircase, just for you.

Wouldn't it be great to be a part of the golden era that was the 20's? Those ladies sure knew how to dress. They had thrown off their corsets for the ever fabulous sheath dresses that we still love today. The style back then was all about texture: beading, fringe, and feathers. All that fringe was really something once you were shimmying to jazz music out on the dance floor. Imagine that, after ladies had been wearing corsets in sealed up drawing rooms less than ten years earlier. Flappers were making up for lost time. These ladies knew how to razzle dazzle.

Bring the magic of the speakeasies back to life in this royal purple flapper dress. When you put on this fabulous ensemble you'll be ready for all that jazz. Sure, this flapper's looking great in purple but tonight she's going to paint the town red.

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
1X Pecho 44" - 46" 112cm - 117cm
1X Cadera 44" - 46" 112cm - 117cm
1X Longitud 39" 99cm
2X Pecho 48" - 50" 122cm - 127cm
2X Cadera 48" - 50" 122cm - 127cm
2X Longitud 39" 99cm
3X Pecho 52" - 54" 132cm - 137cm
3X Cadera 52" - 54" 132cm - 137cm
3X Longitud 40" 102cm
4X Pecho 54" - 56" 137cm - 142cm
4X Cadera 54" - 56" 137cm - 142cm
4X Longitud 40" 102cm
5X Pecho 58" - 60" 147cm - 152cm
5X Cadera 58" - 60" 147cm - 152cm
5X Longitud 41" 104cm
6X Pecho 64" 163cm
6X Cadera 64" 163cm
6X Longitud 41" 104cm
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