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Vestido 'Jazz Time Honey' talla extra

Vestido 'Jazz Time Honey' talla extra
Vestido 'Jazz Time Honey' talla extra
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  • Vestido de flecos
  • Vestido de noche de Jazz Time Honey Plus
  • 8 filas de franjas alternadas de negro y plateado
  • Correas de lentejuelas negras
  • Diadema de lentejuelas con una joya abrochada y una pluma también se incluye
Descripción del Producto

You know how they say that fashion is cyclical? And any fashion that was in before is going to come back around again? Well nothing is hotter than the 1920s right now! That's right, the Roaring Twenties! Think of it: prohibition! Speakeasies! Al Capone! The Great Gatsby! Herbert Hoover! The Scopes Monkey Trial!

Okay, we should have stopped after the Great Gatsby, right? Yeah, we had a gut feeling there, but we ignored it and look what happened. But you already knew that, just like you already know what a fabulous time there was to be had in the 1920s, flapping (that's why they're called flappers, right?), doing the Charleston and generally having a grand old time with Gatsby and Daisy and Nick, even that old George Wilson (hmmm on second thought, skip George). Sure, the Great Gatsby is actually a warning about the dangers of over the top decadence and a bunch of other sad stuff (look, we slept through most of Junior English, okay!), but you don't need to worry about that as you kick up your heels and have a ball as you cut a rug in this gorgeous alternating black and silver fringe. And hey, the headband is included so you're actually being economical. Way to learn from the past!

Besides, as we said above, the 20s are so hot right now! You look at that sequined headband with the feather and you think "how on earth did that ever go out of style?" We don't know either! It's so cool! In fact, why even pretend its the 20s with this dress? Pretend its the now and help people realize that this fashion should never go away!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
1X Pecho 40" - 50" 102cm - 127cm
1X Caderas 48" 122cm
1X Longitud 35" 89cm
2X Pecho 43" - 53" 109cm - 135cm
2X Caderas 52" 132cm
2X Longitud 35" 89cm
3X Pecho 46" - 56" 117cm - 142cm
3X Caderas 56" 142cm
3X Longitud 35" 89cm
4X Pecho 49" - 59" 124cm - 150cm
4X Caderas 60" 152cm
4X Longitud 35" 89cm
5X Pecho 51" - 63" 130cm - 160cm
5X Caderas 64" 163cm
5X Longitud 35" 89cm
6X Pecho 54" - 68" 137cm - 173cm
6X Caderas 69" 175cm
6X Longitud 35 1/2" 90cm
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