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Disfraz de Flash deluxe de la Liga de la Justicia para niño

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Disfraz de Flash deluxe de la Liga de la Justicia para niño
Disfraz de Flash deluxe de la Liga de la Justicia para niño
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Artículos incluidos
  • Mono con Botas de Bota Ajustadas
  • Máscara
  • Disfraz de Flash Deluxe de la Liga de la Justicia para Niños
  • Tejido 100% poliéster, 100% espuma de poliuretano
  • El mono tiene tiras de gancho de Hook and Loop fastener en el centro de la espalda
  • Armadura de cofre de espuma y guanteletes unidos
  • Las tapas de bota de espuma atadas tienen bandas elásticas debajo del pie
  • La máscara plástica moldeada cubre la mitad superior de la cara, tiene una banda elástica alrededor de la cabeza
  • Licenciado oficialmente

Does your kid have an abnormal amount of energy? Does he dash through the house like a speeding bullet, knocking things over and inadvertently busting up the house? Does he bounce of the walls like some kind of human bouncing ball? Well, it might be time to come to grips with the truth about your child. He might be learning how to use the Speed Force and he may just be a superhero, waiting to find his calling as a crime fighter.

Yes, it’s not uncommon for young kids to start dabbling with the Speed Force, the legendary power that Barry Allen uses to run at unimaginable speeds. You could just ignore it and hope he grows out of it, or you could get your child this deluxe boy’s Flash costume and begin training him to join the Justice League. Don’t deny your child his chance to be a hero!

This Justice League Flash costume is a child costume that fully recreates the look from the movie. It comes with a red jumpsuit that has plenty of printed details, like armor and a lightning bolt symbol on the chest. It also has matching yellow accents on the arms and waist. The costume also has attached boot covers which fit over any of your child’s shoes. Of course, it includes a mask to help keep your kid’s secret identity intact, since you wouldn’t want any of the bad guys showing up at your doorstep!

Once your child has the costume on, he’ll be ready to team up with Batman and Wonder Woman to battle against the forces of evil like his favorite DC hero.

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Small Pecho 28" 71cm
Small Torso 24" 61cm
Small Longitud del mono 42" 107cm
Small Tamaño del niño 4-6 4-6
Medium Pecho 30" 76cm
Medium Torso 27" 69cm
Medium Longitud del mono 47" 119cm
Medium Tamaño del niño 8-10 8-10
Large Pecho 32" 81cm
Large Torso 29" 74cm
Large Longitud del mono 51" 130cm
Large Tamaño del niño 12-14 12-14
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