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Disfraz infantil de Robin de DC Comics

Disfraz infantil de Robin de DC Comics
Disfraz infantil de Robin de DC Comics
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Artículos incluidos
  • Mono con botines
  • capa
  • Cinturón
  • Mascara para los ojos
  • 100% poliéster
  • Mono Velcros en la espalda; tapas de bota de espuma con correa elástica y cierre de velcro
  • Cabo atado alrededor del cuello con velcro en frente
  • Correa de espuma ata en la espalda
  • Máscara de ojo de plástico con banda elástica y cierre de velcro

It’s no secret that every kid’s (and some adults’) dream is to be Batman. Of course, being chosen to serve as Batman’s number one sidekick would be almost as sweet too! No, we’re not talking about Nightwing, Batgirl, or Oracle, but the classic Boy Wonder himself, Robin.

Many others have once stood in the boots of Batman’s most famous protégé. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake all had their moments serving alongside the Caped Crusader, but not everyone has the strength or skill to stand against the legions of thugs and super criminals that lurk in Gotham’s shadows. To become one of Gotham’s top vigilantes requires a great deal of hard work, some unbreakable willpower, and an intense training regimen. Only the best and brightest are chosen to serve as Batman’s faithful, most trusted partner. Does your child have what it takes to join their ranks?

With this DC Comics Child Robin Costume (and plenty of training), your child will have everything he needs to bring the dark and treacherous denizens of Gotham’s underworld to justice! This 100 percent polyester jumpsuit comes with a cape and plastic eye mask to give your child the authentic Robin look. Don’t forget to pick up a pair of Robin gloves to complete the Boy Wonder’s signature style. And why not check out one of our adult Batman costumes so the two of you can become the crime fighting duo together! Before you know it, you and your child will be off fighting crime and saving the citizens of Gotham in no time!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Small Pecho 30" 76cm
Small Torso 20" 51cm
Small Longitud 39" 99cm
Small Tamaño del niño 4 - 6 4 - 6
Medium Pecho 32" 81cm
Medium Torso 23" 58cm
Medium Longitud 46" 117cm
Medium Tamaño del niño 8 - 10 8 - 10
Large Pecho 34" 86cm
Large Torso 26" 66cm
Large Longitud 51" 130cm
Large Tamaño del niño 12 - 14 12 - 14
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