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Vestido flapper con lentejuelas y flecos negro talla extra

Lentejuela negro y flecos Talla grande
Lentejuela negro y flecos Talla grande Lentejuela negro y flecos Talla grande Lentejuela negro y flecos Talla grande
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Artículos incluidos
  • Diadema con penacho de plumas
  • Vestir
  • 100% poliéster
  • Vestido sin mangas con cuello pulido con cuello redondo con lentejuelas plateadas
  • Lentejuela negro y flecos Talla grande
  • Corpiño alargado tiene un forro sólido con superposición de lentejuelas semi-transparente
  • Falda de cintura caída con 2 capas de flecos sobre la capa base de punto de lentejuelas
  • Diadema elástica de lentejuelas plateadas con penacho de plumas negras
  • ¡Exclusivo!
Descripción del Producto

When we think of the 1920s, we think of a wholesome period in our history. The war was over, the economy was healthy, and people used phrases like, "It's the bee's knees!" Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton were making people laugh, Rudolph Valentino was making women swoon, and silent movies were all the rage. Times were innocent and care-free, right?! Well, not exactly. Behind the scenes, down dark alleys and away from the pages of history books, were the bootleggers and rumrunners, the burlesque and the flappers, all taking fun to the next level.

Prohibition may have been signed into law on January 16, 1919, but that didn't stop this fun-loving -- and profit-minded -- group from getting their party on. You could head over to a speakeasy, a blind pig, or a juice joint and imbibe alcoholic beverages on the sly while listening to some hot jazz tunes. Oh, and dance. There was a lot of dancing in scandalously short skirts. You couldn't do the Charleston or the Lindy Hop in your mother's proper ankle length dress. You needed room to jump, kick, and ... well ... hop!

This black tank dress is reminiscent of the classic flapper garb with its sparkly sequins, two tiers of fringe, and a feathered headband. Just add lots of long necklaces and a feather boa, you'll be ready to jump and jive! Alcohol optional.

Carta del Tamaño
Runs Small
Slightly Small
True To Size
Slightly Large
Runs Large
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
1X Pecho 44" 112cm
1X Caderas 48" 122cm
1X Longitud del vestido 37" 94cm
2X Pecho 48" 122cm
2X Caderas 50" 127cm
2X Longitud del vestido 36 1/2" 93cm
3X Pecho 52" 132cm
3X Caderas 54" 137cm
3X Longitud del vestido 37" 94cm
4X Pecho 56" 142cm
4X Caderas 59" 150cm
4X Longitud del vestido 38" 97cm
5X Pecho 60" 152cm
5X Caderas 63" 160cm
5X Longitud del vestido 39" 99cm
6X Pecho 64" 163cm
6X Caderas 67" 170cm
6X Longitud del vestido 39" 99cm
7X Pecho 68" 173cm
7X Caderas 73" 185cm
7X Longitud del vestido 39 1/2" 100cm
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