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Disfraz de Hombre Noble del Renacimiento talla extra

Disfraz de Hombre Noble del Renacimiento talla extra
Disfraz de Hombre Noble del Renacimiento talla extra Disfraz de Hombre Noble del Renacimiento talla extra
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Información del Producto
Artículos incluidos
  • Sayo
  • capa
  • tiene
  • Par de botas de arranque
  • 100% polyester
  • Pull on velour tunic with attached white sleeves
  • Faux fur trim
  • Decorative chain attached to tunic
  • Cape attaches to tunic with hook and loop fastener at shoulders
  • Elastic band inside hat
  • Faux leather boot tops with elastic band under foot
Descripción del Producto

Maybe you're thinking of dressing up like a king or a queen, envisioning heaping piles of coinage and blackbird pies. But that's not what being a ruler is really like! When you're the wealthiest and most powerful person in the realm, you're everybody's first call when something breaks and they need help fixing it. You're not just some fancypants prancing around in their puffy sleeves and twinkling crown: you're like a well-dressed 24/7 plumbing service. And Renaissance plumbing is not something you want to have to fix, no matter what you're wearing!

So we made this fine Noble Renaissance Man Costume for people who crave a life of leisure. Sure, somebody wearing an outfit like this probably doesn't bathe in coffers overflowing with gold florins. But they also don't have people knocking on their door at all hours because a kitty cat or pigheaded goat is stuck in a tree again, and nobody else can afford a ladder. A Noble Renaissance Man like this is free to tend his modest parcel of land or become learned, to play chess or train in swordsmanship. Or all of the above!

And maybe he's not covered in gold and jewels like the chump wearing the crown, but we figured that this guy would still have some pretty stylish clothes. So we made his tunic and bonnet out of velvet. Then we lined his cape with satin, and fastened it with a flashy golden chain. We even threw in some great-looking boot covers and stuck a feather in his cap for good measure. It's a complete look, ready for a costume party or Renaissance Faire!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
X-Small Pecho 40" 102cm
X-Small Cintura 35" 89cm
X-Small Longitud de la túnica 36" 91cm
Small Pecho 42" 107cm
Small Cintura 39" 99cm
Small Longitud de la túnica 37" 94cm
Medium Pecho 46" 117cm
Medium Cintura 43" 109cm
Medium Longitud de la túnica 38" 97cm
Large Pecho 50" 127cm
Large Cintura 47" 119cm
Large Longitud de la túnica 38" 97cm
X-Large Pecho 54" 137cm
X-Large Cintura 51" 130cm
X-Large Longitud de la túnica 39" 99cm
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