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Disfraz de mujer gato deluxe para niñas

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Disfraz de mujer gato deluxe para niñas
Disfraz de mujer gato deluxe para niñas
Disfraz de mujer gato deluxe para niñas
Disfraz de mujer gato deluxe para niñas
Disfraz de mujer gato deluxe para niñas
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Mono
  • Venda
  • Guantes
  • Mascara para los ojos
  • Cinturón
  • 100% poliéster
  • Mono negro con detalles serigrafiados
  • Cubiertas de botas largas brillantes brillantes
  • Diadema con gafas de plástico / orejas
  • (Las gafas no se caen)
  • Máscara de ojo moldeada de goma
  • Cinta de espuma de polietileno con bolsillos moldeados
  • Guantes largos

"There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne."

Rich people in Gotham City don't fear too many things. With their high priced security systems they feel that themselves and all their fancy possessions will be safe from anything. Then, from out of nowhere, came a rush of robberies from safes that were said to be unbreakable. Rumors of a cat burglar who had the skills to steal anything began filling the city. And the rumors turned out to be true!

That's right, Catwoman's on the prowl in Gotham City,  and not even Batman can keep this cat in a cage. And now your little girl can become her, with this Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume! She'll be climbing the curtains in excitement for this style, and she'll probably be ready to climb and jump into the most daring heists that the world has to offer (or just to get to the cookie jar before she's had her dinner)!

Just be careful if you get a young one in a Batman costume to team up your girl in this one. They make look like they make a great team but they always end up fighting like cats and dog! (Or is it cats and bats?) Either way, they'll only work together if they're forced to which seems to be a trend for siblings anyways. So whether saving Gotham City or going on her own adventure, get her this super cool costume to bring the movie action to life!

Carta del Tamaño
Small (4-6) Longitud 37" 94cm
Small (4-6) Pecho 20" - 25" 51cm - 64cm
Small (4-6) Torso 19" 48cm
Medium (8-10) Longitud 42" 107cm
Medium (8-10) Pecho 24" - 28" 61cm - 71cm
Medium (8-10) Torso 22" 56cm
Large (12-14) Longitud 48" 122cm
Large (12-14) Pecho 30" - 34" 76cm - 86cm
Large (12-14) Torso 24" 61cm
X-Large Longitud 54" 137cm
X-Large Pecho 34" - 38" 86cm - 97cm
X-Large Torso 26" 66cm
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