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Disfraz infantil Deluxe de Capitán Garfio

Disfraz infantil Deluxe de Capitán Garfio
Disfraz infantil Deluxe de Capitán Garfio
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Información del Producto
Artículos incluidos
  • tiene
  • Chaqueta
  • Chaleco
  • cultivo
  • Pantalones
  • Boot Tops
  • 100% poliéster
  • Jabot tiene encaje blanco sobre el cofre
  • Chaleco de color borgoño con ribete dorado sobre tela de terciopelo
  • Pantalones negros de cintura elástica
  • Chaqueta de borgoña con cuello ancho negro y adornos dorados y botones decorativos
  • Botas de bota de cuero sintético hasta la rodilla
Descripción del Producto

We usually recommend that kids wait until they're a little older to commit to a life of piracy. It's just that what we think of as perfectly respectable maritime occupation gets called a lot of ugly names, especially by certain individuals in the Royal Navy. High treason against the crown, they say. Very bad manners, some of them call it. But we made this great costume for your pint-sized privateer anyway, because we know that the name-callers are probably just jealous!

The gold trim and buttons of the burgundy jacket will make all those spiteful labels roll off the young captain's back like sea spray on a freshly-swabbed deck. The deluxe faux-leather boot tops will have him pacing the bow like an old salt. The white lace neckpiece will give him an air of refinement and authority. All you need is a hat (and a hook, if you like) to make this the best-looking kid's pirate costumes for a thousand leagues in any direction!

Just be sure to politely remind the captain that even though a corsair might be considered a scalawag in certain circles, a true pirate is not without a sense of honor. The foul mouth and rough habits of a sailor are not a requirement for the job. It's a good idea to map out some of these boundaries early on, because we wouldn't want you to get double-crossed and marooned on a desert island the first time you turn your back!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Small Tamaño del niño 6 6
Small Largo de chaqueta 25 1/2" 65cm
Small Cintura 16 1/2" - 26 1/2" 42cm - 67cm
Small Longitud de los pantalones 20" 51cm
Small Pecho 28" 71cm
Medium Tamaño del niño 8-10 8-10
Medium Largo de chaqueta 30" 76cm
Medium Cintura 18 1/2" - 28 1/2" 47cm - 72cm
Medium Longitud de los pantalones 24" 61cm
Medium Pecho 31" 79cm
Large Tamaño del niño 14 14
Large Largo de chaqueta 38 1/2" 98cm
Large Cintura 22 1/2" - 32 1/2" 57cm - 83cm
Large Longitud de los pantalones 26" 66cm
Large Pecho 36 1/2" 93cm
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