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Disfraces de Pantera Negra

In the Marvel Universe, Wakanda holds the title of the most technologically advanced country on the Earth. Their store of vibranium allows them to create wonders of modern invention. They’ve crafted some of the greatest superhero suits of all time, along with some pretty snazzy bracelets that would put modern day cell phones to shame. Of course, we’re a tiny bit behind Shuri and her many gadgets in the real world, but we still carry a great selection of Black Panther costumes to help you look like the great Wakandan warriors from the movie, but first, let’s cover a little bit of Black Panther history before you choose the perfect costume. After all, you don’t want to suit up until you know a little bit of knowledge about the iconic comic book character.

T’Challa, the alter ego of Black Panther, first debuting into Marvel comics back in 1966! He was the first African superhero to break into mainstream comic books and he even predated other African American comic book favorites like Luke Cage, The Falcon, and Blade. That makes him quite the important piece in comic book history. Of course, the passion for Black Panther became reignited with the release of the film, Black Panther, in 2018, starring Chadwick Boseman in the lead role. With rave reviews and a style that sets it apart from the rest of the Marvel Universe, it’s quite clear that Black Panther is here to stay.

So then, what kind of costumes can you find based on this prolific character? Everything you could want! For starters, we carry a wide variety of adult Black Panther costumes which recreate the look from the movie, including costumes that glow to recreate the kinetic functions of his super-suit in the movie. We also carry awesome kids costumes, which help turn your child into the best little superhero on your block.

Of course, The Black Panther also showcased plenty of strong female characters, which also make the rounds in our line-up of costumes. We carry Shuri costumes for both women and kids. We even carry costumes based on, Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s most skilled guardian! There’s truly no shortage of options for women looking to cosplay as their favorite characters from the film.

Perhaps you’re just looking to top off your cosplay outfit and you just need a few Black Panther accessories? Well, we’ve got that covered too. We carry many different items that will put the finishing touch on your look. We carry gauntlets, gloves, and simple masks that make it extra easy to complete your look. We even have a toy vibranium blaster that will help any aspiring young superhero fight against supervillains with style and grace!

Whatever kind of style you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. Just suit up in your favorite look and you’ll be ready to stand alongside the Avengers for the fight of your life! You can even create a great group costume by combining our Black Panther costume with our Dora Milaje and Shuri costumes! Who knows, with your combined might, you may even be able to take on Thanos.