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Traje negro de disfraz para hombre

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Traje negro de disfraz para hombre
Traje negro de disfraz para hombre
Disfraz de traje negro para hombre
Disfraz de traje negro para hombre
Traje negro de disfraz para hombre
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Chaqueta
  • Pantalones
  • Shirt Front
  • Corbata
  • Corbata de moño
  • Mens Black Suit Costume
  • 100% polyester twill, poplin & broadcloth fabrics
  • Black suit jacket w/ faux buttons in front with hook and loop closure and faux pocket flaps
  • Elastic waist pants w/ functional side seam pockets
  • Necktie fastens w/ tied ribbons
  • Bow tie is on an elastic band

You are walking along a dark street, lit only by the occasional street lamp. Too many have gone dim or went out entirely. It is odd. But, what is stranger is the clap of hard shoe against sidewalk that you hear as just a scant echo behind your own. You try to vary your steps to trick the echo into making a mistake. A few times, you think you’re successful, but when you stop and turn around, scanning the area around you for signs of the pursuer, there’s nothing but blackness. You squint your eyes to try to coax your eyes into adjusting better in the darkness, but there is nothing.

You step again.Clap. And again.Clap. Twice more.Clap, clap. And, then you have the genius plan. You feign a step. You lift your leg forward and nearly let it fall, but hold in the last second and balance as naturally as you can.Clap. You pause and spin around. You’ve caught him. And he knows it. As if stepping out of a shadow world, the man in black approaches. You’ve done well. You’ve passed your vetting process. Now, it is time to join the ranks.

Will you be a secret agent for MI6? The CIA? Or, are these members of the rumored squad of Earth protectors against all things alien, the mysterious MiB? Perhaps you merely need to go on a mission for God with the Blues Brothers. It’s always tough to tell with these mysterious types, but with your Men’s Black Suit costume, you’re one of them. The suit jacket has faux pocket flaps and elastic waist pants. The necktie fastens with ribbons or can be worn as a bow tie. They recruit only the best, but sometimes the best are even toddlers. What missions will you begin? And, as crucially, what accessories are right for the job!? Only you can determine that from this point on, Agent. Good luck.

Carta del Tamaño
Small Pecho 42" 107cm
Small Jacket Waist 36" 91cm
Small Largo de chaqueta 32" 81cm
Small Sleeve Length 25" 64cm
Small Cintura 28" - 41" 71cm - 104cm
Small Pant outseam 44" 112cm
Medium Pecho 44" 112cm
Medium Jacket Waist 38" 97cm
Medium Largo de chaqueta 32 1/2" 83cm
Medium Sleeve Length 25" 64cm
Medium Cintura 30" - 43" 76cm - 109cm
Medium Pant outseam 44" 112cm
Large Pecho 48" 122cm
Large Jacket Waist 42" 107cm
Large Largo de chaqueta 32 1/2" 83cm
Large Sleeve Length 25" 64cm
Large Cintura 34" - 47" 86cm - 119cm
Large Pant outseam 44" 112cm
X-Large Pecho 52" 132cm
X-Large Jacket Waist 46" 117cm
X-Large Largo de chaqueta 33" 84cm
X-Large Sleeve Length 25" 64cm
X-Large Cintura 38" - 51" 97cm - 130cm
X-Large Pant outseam 45" 114cm
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Designer Halloween costumes

Creemos que los disfraces tienen el poder de crear algunos de los mejores momentos de la vida. Es por eso que empezamos a Made By Us. Esta selección diversa de disfraces y accesorios está diseñada artísticamente y diseñada por nuestro talentoso equipo de artistas, diseñadores y desarrolladores.

Costume experts designing Halloween costumes

Cada proyecto comienza con una pasión por los parches bordados de verdadera calidad, el corte de piel sintética con cuidado y los tejidos seleccionados a mano que son tan duraderos como cómodos. Estos son solo algunos ejemplos de cuánta artesanía y creatividad ponemos en cada producto. Solo para ti.

Behind the scenes of exclusive Halloween costume design

No importa cuánto tiempo lleve, nuestro objetivo siempre ha sido el mismo: crear productos que inspiren los mejores momentos de su vida: lo grande, lo pequeño, lo divertido, lo espeluznante y lo dulce. Los momentos que todos apreciamos. Eso está Made By Us.

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