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Disfraz Flirty Queen of Hearts para mujer

Disfraz de reina de corazones coqueta para mujer
Disfraz de reina de corazones coqueta para mujer Disfraz de reina de corazones coqueta para mujer
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Información del Producto
Artículos incluidos
  • Vestir
  • Chaqueta
  • Cinturón
  • Traje de la reina coqueta de las mujeres del corazón
  • 100% poliéster satinado, popelina y tejidos de punto
  • El vestido tiene cremallera en la espalda, tirantes transparentes y ajustables en la longitud
  • Vestido ha construido corpiño de espuma
  • La sobrefalda de popelina tiene una hendidura frontal para revelar las enaguas tejidas de la tarjeta de juego.
  • Sobrefalda con volante de raso rojo bordeando el dobladillo y la abertura delantera
  • Faja de satén con cierre de gancho y lazo detrás de un gran lazo de tela
  • Chaqueta de encogimiento ha soplado mangas de satén, collar de espuma de pie
  • Exclusivo
Descripción del Producto

Royalty in Spades

Life on the throne can be pretty sweet. People know that they have to do what you want. For instance, when you had your subjects landscape your front yard they had the audacity to plant white roses. They knew you wanted red roses. If they had simply thought it over they would have known that you love the color red. Still, it's pretty nice to have people ready to bend to your every whim. On a nice Saturday, you can be found in the backyard playing croquet with all your friends. Now, you wouldn't say that they're letting you win, but we certainly wouldn't say that anyone is trying to beat you either. Who wants to get competitive with someone who is interested in beheading her subjects?

Product Details & Design

Make your Wonderland look unique with this exclusive flirty Queen of Hearts costume. This Made-By-Us costume will make you feel like an in control monarch of a topsy-turvy kingdom. The underskirt is peppered with scattered playing cards. The black and red layered skirt on top ruffles up to the waist, giving it plenty of twirl factor.  The bodice has a clean, cartoonish look with a gold center and hearts on the sides. The jacket has red puffed sleeves and a tall white collar. In a skirt with this much twirl factor, don't be surprised when this costume makes you want to dance. 

Take it Easy on the Flamingoes

If P.E.T.A. went to the Queen of Hearts castle, they'd have some serious issues with the way she plays croquet! So instead of training one of those rare pink birds, check out our selection of Wonderland props. Someone who goes all out in an outfit this gorgeous deserves a bird that will behave through all the hoops of the game!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Small Pecho 32 1/2" 83cm
Small Cintura 26" 66cm
Small Longitud del vestido (en la costura lateral) 39" 99cm
Small Altura del collar 5 1/2" 14cm
Medium Pecho 35 1/2" 90cm
Medium Cintura 29" 74cm
Medium Longitud del vestido (en la costura lateral) 40" 102cm
Medium Altura del collar 5 1/2" 14cm
Large Pecho 39 1/2" 100cm
Large Cintura 33" 84cm
Large Longitud del vestido (en la costura lateral) 41" 104cm
Large Altura del collar 5 1/2" 14cm
X-Large Pecho 43" 109cm
X-Large Cintura 38" 97cm
X-Large Longitud del vestido (en la costura lateral) 42" 107cm
X-Large Altura del collar 5 1/2" 14cm
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