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Máscara de mujer bonita Leatherface

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Masacre de Texas Chainsaw 1974 Leatherface Pretty
Masacre de Texas Chainsaw 1974 Leatherface Pretty
Masacre de Texas Chainsaw 1974 Leatherface Pretty
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Artículos incluidos
  • Máscara con cabello atado
  • Masacre de Texas Chainsaw Máscara de Pretty Woman de Leatherface 1974
  • Máscara de látex natural de cabeza completa
  • Pelo sintético marrón en la parte superior
  • Cordón de cordón en cada lado
  • Licenciado oficialmente

Well, it looks as tho Leatherface is going out of his way to work on his appearance. This is good news! The chainsaw wielding psycho has been pretty negligent regarding his outward presentation. He usually just uses a mask made of human flesh to cover up his face, but now he is using makeup. He's painting his skin crafted mask with lipstick and face rouge in hopes to look better. Oh wow, he even used bright blue eye shadow on his eyelids and it's pretty intense.

On second thought, we're really not sure that Leatherface's newfound preference for wearing makeup is doing him any favors. He may even look...worse! If you are a fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre then you will appreciate this latex mask, featuring attached hair, stitches, and ties. This TCM mask recreates Leatherface's memorable look from the classic 1974 movie and belongs in every horror enthusiast's collection!

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