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Rifle ametralladora

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Rifle Machine Gun
Rifle Machine Gun
Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Pistola de juguete
  • Hecho de plástico
  • Parece un arma del ejército
  • Plástico reflectante rojo en la punta del arma
  • Hacer un sonido de disparo cuando se tira del gatillo

Lock and load, baby!

We imagine you're off on a mission. Maybe a covert operation to deal with strange reports coming from South America. Maybe your hometown is being forcibly invaded. Maybe zombies are descending upon you as we speak. Well, if this is the case, sounds like you could use some heavy artillery.

And whereas we might not recommend toting a cannon around (yeah, they do damage, but they're definitely not very mobile), we would recommend having something of this caliber for whatever your mission may be. Our Toy Gun looks exactly like the weapon you'll need if you're infiltrating an enemy camp or dealing with people who have stolen rare artifacts. Simply get a hold of this plastic prop gun (it even makes a firing sound when the trigger is pulled) and your Army/Officer/Special forces outfit will be ready to go. Now, fall out!

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