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Disfraz mameluco de Top Gun talla extra

Talla grande Top Gun Jumpsuit nueva imagen
Talla grande Top Gun Jumpsuit nueva imagen Mono Top Gun talla grande Mono Top Gun talla grande Mono Top Gun talla grande Mono Top Gun talla grande Mono Top Gun talla grande Mono Top Gun talla grande Mono Top Gun talla grande
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Artículos incluidos
  • Mono
  • 2 insignias de nombre
  • Mono Top Gun talla grande
  • Licenciado oficialmente
  • Tela de popelina 100% poliéster
  • Cremallera frontal
  • 4 bolsillos cargo en el pecho y los muslos cerca con cremalleras
  • Parches bordados en el pecho y las mangas
  • Parches de nombre intercambiables para "Maverick" y "Goose" con cierre de gancho y lazo

Nothing turns a girl on like aviator sunglasses. Any guy can rock the look, too. It just takes a little confidence. You can hide behind them, but there is a certain amount of machismo built right into the mirrored finish. Put on a pair and you are instantly a sexy Tom Cruise from "Top Gun". Not the movie where he was dancing in his underwear, but the fighter pilot movie he starred in based on the U.S. Navy's elite fighter team, the Blue Angels. Wow -- now there's some guys that really know how to wear a pair of aviators like they mean it.

This is all before Tom Cruise got all weird and couch jumpy, though. Oddly, his character flew an F-14 Tomcat. Is that some real life foreshadowing, or what?! Well, obviously Katie lost her loving feeling and moved on. We should, too.

Sometimes you are feeling a little bit like Goose, sometimes you wanna rock your inner Maverick. Luckily, this olive green jumpsuit lets you do both with removable Goose and Maverick name patches to choose between. Which name you pick depends on the mission, just make sure your ego doesn't write a check that your body can't cash.

And, if you feel the need for speed, check out our delivery. We think were pretty darn fast. Not Mach 2, but still fast.

Carta del Tamaño
2X 3X
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
2X Pecho 58" 147cm
2X Cintura 56" 142cm
2X Torso 35" 89cm
2X Longitud 66" 168cm
3X Pecho 62" 157cm
3X Cintura 60" 152cm
3X Torso 37" 94cm
3X Longitud 68" 173cm
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