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Disfraz de señorita Parca Tween

Tween Miss Reaper Costume
Tween Miss Reaper Costume Disfraz de señorita Parca Tween Disfraz de señorita Parca Tween Disfraz de señorita Parca Tween
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Información del Producto
Artículos incluidos
  • Vestir
  • Cabo con capucha unida
  • Par de guanteletes
  • Par de mallas
  • Cadena de cintura
  • Vestido y capa: 100% poliéster; medias y guantes: 90% nylon, 10% elastano
  • El vestido sin mangas sin mangas tiene cinturilla elástica, dobladillo irregular
  • Capa con capucha tiene cuello de capucha, cortinas de malla y velo de cara
  • Mallas y guanteletes impresos con esqueleto
  • La cadena de plástico de 70 "tiene una tira de velcro para abrocharse alrededor de la cintura
  • El accesorio Scythe que se muestra en la foto se vende por separado

You think being a teenage girl is tough? Try being a teenage reaper! Dealing with classes, friends, and growing up in general is so much more of a pain when everyone is worried you're there to collect their souls. But on the other hand, those grim looking reapers sure have some cool gothic styles, like this Tween Miss Reaper Costume, which is the perfect look for creeping everyone out on Halloween!

Dark, tattered robes and bony limbs aren't exactly the most popular fashion statements, but when you're wearing them with this costume, you're not looking to win popularity contests. What you are looking for, though, are lost souls and spirits to collect and guide to the afterlife, and it's a tireless search that takes up tons of time. How can a reaper be expected to get all of her homework done when she's got a soul quota to meet? Plus, it's hard for reapers to take decent selfies to post online since they are always cloaked in supernatural darkness! But like we said, that's all just part of the job, and luckily no one said you can't have fun while doing your otherworldly duties.

You'll be all decked out for a ghoulishly good time when you're wearing this jagged pullover costume dress. It features streaming mesh drapes, and the tights and glovettes have skeletal prints on them to give you a spooky macabre effect. If any kids tease you about it, just reach out toward them, like you're reaching for their soul... that should shut'em right up!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Small Pecho 22" - 26" 56cm - 66cm
Small Cintura 20" - 24" 51cm - 61cm
Small longitud del vestido 48" 122cm
Medium (8-10) Pecho 26" - 30" 66cm - 76cm
Medium (8-10) Cintura 22" - 26" 56cm - 66cm
Medium (8-10) longitud del vestido 51" 130cm
Large (10-12) Pecho 30" - 34" 76cm - 86cm
Large (10-12) Cintura 26" - 30" 66cm - 76cm
Large (10-12) longitud del vestido 54" 137cm
X-Large (12-14) Pecho 34" - 38" 86cm - 97cm
X-Large (12-14) Cintura 30" - 34" 76cm - 86cm
X-Large (12-14) longitud del vestido 57" 145cm
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