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Disfraz de Han solo para niños pequeños

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Disfraz de Han Solo para niño
Disfraz de Han Solo para niño
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Mono
  • Disfraz de Star Wars Toddler Han Solo
  • Tejido de lana 100% poliéster
  • El mono tiene cierre de gancho y lazo en el centro de la espalda
  • Los paneles de chaleco adjuntos tienen bolsillos falsos
  • Cinturón estampado, funda y rayas laterales
  • Licenciado oficialmente
  • Cintas de sujeción con gancho y lazo en la entrepierna y entre las costuras para el acceso del pañal

Definitely Too Short to Be Stormtrooper

Your child has all of the makings to be a great smuggler. He might not own his own ship (yet) and maybe his best pal isn't a Wookiee, but even young smugglers need to start sometime! Your child is already good at being a little bit mischievous, which is a hand trait to have as a smuggler. He's got moxie and you need tons of that to slip under the radar of the Empire. You can almost see him speaking a few pretty witty one-liners, just like Han does in Star Wars. But most of all, he's going to need the right kind of look if he wants to be taken seriously as a smuggler. Where can you find gear for a young smuggler in training? Well, it's right here.

Product Details

This toddler Han Solo costume gives your child a ticket to a Star Wars adventure. It combines a classic look from the original trilogy with a soft and cozy fit to give your child an outfit he can spend hours playing in. It's a jumpsuit with a cream colored fleece top and attached black vest panels to recreate Han Solo's outfit from A New Hope. The pants portion is dark blue fleece with the Corellian bloodstripe printedalong the sides. It also has a printed belt and holster around the waist and leg.

Time for a Kessel Run

Once you have this costume for your little tot, he'll be ready to team up with Chewbacca to attempt the Kessel Run. Just make sure you get your child a fast ship before you send him off into the galaxy. Also, he might need a little extra backup, so be sure to check out all of our Star Wars costumes for adults, so you can join your little one on his next adventure through the galaxy far, far away.

Carta del Tamaño
2T Pecho Próximamente Próximamente
2T Torso Próximamente Próximamente
2T Longitud del mono Próximamente Próximamente
3T/4T Pecho 28" 71cm
3T/4T Torso 22" 56cm
3T/4T Longitud del mono 33" 84cm
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