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Disfraz para niña de pirata elegante

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Posh pirata
Posh pirata
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Camisa con chaleco atado
  • Pantalones
  • Cinturón
  • Boot Tops
  • Lazo de cabeza
  • Punto de interbloqueo de 100% poliéster, imitación de gamuza y cuero sintético
  • La blusa de estilo campesino con engobe blanco tiene paneles de chaleco de gamuza sintética cosidos con botones impresos y trenza
  • Los pantalones con enclavamiento a rayas rojos y negros tienen cintura elástica
  • La corbata roja mide 1.5 "de ancho x 45" de largo
  • Cinturón de piel sintética negra con hebilla deslizante de plástico dorado
  • Botines de cuero sintético con puños doblados y banda elástica debajo del pie

The allure of the open sea and promise of untold riches has called many a young lad and ornery old man to the Seven Seas. Enlisting on or stealing ships that they pray nightly will carry them over the treacherous ocean. Sure, many think of these guys when it comes to the legends of famous pirates… but history is just too terrified to write the real accounts. After all, why are both the sea and the ships called she!? Do not be fooled… the lasses flying the skull and crossbone flags are the real buccaneers.

Now, it is time to help your girl write her name into the pages of history and riches. You can take the first step with this Girl’s Posh Pirate costume. Show your scallywag crew just what kinds of gains they have in store by showing the gleaming gold that she’s acquired and a style that cannot be squashed!

This stylish costume riffs on classic pirate themes, and creates a look that any little lady would be proud to wear to sea. The slacks are a red and blacked stripe and matching red head tie will warn your opposition that you mean business. A stylish period peasant-style blouse has sewn on faux leather that gives a perfect contrast as well as the look of a gal who is more than prepared for a bit of swashbuckling on the gangplanks. Be sure to pick up a weapon accessory, though, just in case some barnswaggle is foolish enough to try! When she signs up for adventure with this classic costume, the only thing she'll have to worry about is where to find good island to stash all that treasure on!

Carta del Tamaño
Medium (8-10) Pecho 28" 71cm
Medium (8-10) Largo superior 23" 58cm
Medium (8-10) Pantalones cintura 20" - 26" 51cm - 66cm
Medium (8-10) Longitud de los pantalones 25" 64cm
Large (10-12) Pecho 30" 76cm
Large (10-12) Largo superior 24" 61cm
Large (10-12) Pantalones cintura 22" - 28" 56cm - 71cm
Large (10-12) Longitud de los pantalones 27 1/2" 70cm
X-Large (12-14) Pecho 32" 81cm
X-Large (12-14) Largo superior 24 1/2" 62cm
X-Large (12-14) Pantalones cintura 26" - 30" 66cm - 76cm
X-Large (12-14) Longitud de los pantalones 29" 74cm
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