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Disfraz de Rey de los Mares para adulto

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Disfraz de Reina de los Altos Mares
Disfraz de Reina de los Altos Mares
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Chaleco con mangas atadas
  • Falda
  • Cinturón
  • Lazo de cabeza
  • Disfraz de Queen of the High Seas adulto
  • Traje 100% poliéster
  • Chaleco sin hombros con mangas adjuntas
  • Elástico en hombros, muñeca, pecho y cintura para un calce apropiado
  • La falda pull up tiene cinturilla elástica
  • Dobladillo inferior inclinado con bordes deshilachados
  • El cinturón de vinilo tiene hebilla de plástico y se asegura con cierre de gancho y lazo
  • Lazo de cabeza larga para usar como desee

You’ve been busy putting those fellas in their place since you were old enough to crawl and talk. Why should Halloween be any different?

When people think of a ferocious pirate captain, nine times out of ten, they think of a man. Sigh. While it may take some time to change perceptions, in the meantime, there’s you: kicking booty and taking names. Those sea scum sure won't know know what hit ‘em when you board ship! No time to parley; you're tired of playing second fiddle to the boys in the pirate crew, and with some smart moves, you'll easily mutiny and dispose of the old Captain stereotypes.

And then? You'll be Queen of the High Seas, of course! And with the outfit to prove it, no less (provided you take our advice and snatch up this Adult Queen of the High Seas Costume!) This look features a jagged-hem skirt, off-the-shoulder top, and even the long head scarf to keep your locks protected from the salty sea air. When it’s time to come ashore, add a fab pair of boots and prepare to take charge of your next social event in this getup. All this rags-n’-riches look needs to make it as fearsome as you are is a pirate sword. We’re betting you won’t even need a pet parrot; you can teach those boys to repeat after you.

Carta del Tamaño
X-Small Pecho 28" - 30" 71cm - 76cm
X-Small Cintura 26" - 30" 66cm - 76cm
X-Small Longitud 20" 51cm
X-Small Falda cintura 24" - 30" 61cm - 76cm
X-Small Longitud de la falda 28" 71cm
Small Pecho 30" - 32" 76cm - 81cm
Small Cintura 30" - 28" 76cm - 71cm
Small Longitud 21" 53cm
Small Falda cintura 24" - 30" 61cm - 76cm
Small Longitud de la falda 28" 71cm
Medium Pecho 32" - 34" 81cm - 86cm
Medium Cintura 28" - 32" 71cm - 81cm
Medium Longitud 23" 58cm
Medium Falda cintura 26" - 32" 66cm - 81cm
Medium Longitud de la falda 30" 76cm
Large Pecho 34" - 36" 86cm - 91cm
Large Cintura 32" - 34" 81cm - 86cm
Large Longitud 23" 58cm
Large Falda cintura 28" - 34" 71cm - 86cm
Large Longitud de la falda 30" 76cm
X-Large Pecho 38" - 40" 97cm - 102cm
X-Large Cintura 34" - 36" 86cm - 91cm
X-Large Longitud 24" 61cm
X-Large Falda cintura 30" - 36" 76cm - 91cm
X-Large Longitud de la falda 31" 79cm
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