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Rifle de ranger de juguete

Rifle de ranger de juguete
Rifle de ranger de juguete Toy Ranger Rifle
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  • 28 '' Rifle de juguete
  • 28 '' de largo
  • Barril moldeado gris
  • Brown stock
  • Aprieta el gatillo y oirás un chasquido
  • El final de la pistola se ilumina
  • Requiere dos baterías '' AA '' (no incluidas)

Planning on dressing up as the heroic sheriff of an old west town? Perhaps you’d prefer to portray the villainous bandit cause all sorts of trouble for the law dogs, ay? Or would you rather be the unexpected anti-hero of the wild west, the gun for hire or bounty hunter that happens to be passing through town at the right time? Well, while all these costume ideas sound as amazing as they do fun, your new look can’t be complete without the right accessories.

Now, we’re sure you already have your eyes on a black or white cowboy hat, some spurred boots, and a bandana or two. Those are the easy add-ons to pick out. It doesn’t get difficult until you think about what kind of weapon you want by your side. Well, in our opinion, this Toy Ranger Rifle blows the rest of the competition away! Not only is it over two feet long it makes a popping sound when you pull the trigger and even lights up at the end of the barrel. Grab this awesome prop and you’ll be sure to have the best western inspired costume at any party you attend!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Standard Longitud 28" 71cm
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