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Disfraz Star Wars Los últimos Jedi Super Deluxe Rey adulto

Disfraz Star Wars Los últimos Jedi Super Deluxe Rey adulto
Disfraz Star Wars Los últimos Jedi Super Deluxe Rey adulto
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Thinking about becoming a Force-wielding hero, just like Rey? Well, we’ve put together a pros and cons list to help you decide if you’re up to the task of be a Star Wars hero!

Pro: You get to wave a lightsaber around at bad guys.

Con: Scary dudes like Kylo Ren chase after you.

Pro: You get sweet Force powers that you can use to save your friends.

Con: You’re not supposed to use the Force for selfish reasons (like using it to grab the TV remote from across the room without actually getting up).

Pro: You get to hang with Chewbacca.

Con: You have to deal with Chewbacca’s constant shedding since you’re hanging out with him all the time.

Pro: You get to train with a true Jedi Master, like Luke Skywalker.

Con: Most Jedi Masters are crazy hermits who live in the middle of nowhere (like Dagobah or Ahch-To).

Pro: You get to wear fancy robes.

Well, there you have it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons if you ask us! That means you’re going to need this deluxe adult Rey costume to begin your training in the ways of the Force. It’s inspired by the one worn by Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It comes with a top that has attached wraps for a comfortable fit that also recreates the iconic style from the movie. The pants have attached boot covers for added convenience and the included accessories round out the look quite nicely.

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Small Pecho 36" 91cm
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Small Cintura de pantalón 22" - 32" 56cm - 81cm
Small Pant Outseam 34" 86cm
Medium Pecho 37" 94cm
Medium Largo superior 23" 58cm
Medium Cintura de pantalón 24" - 34" 61cm - 86cm
Medium Pant Outseam 36" 91cm
Large Pecho 38" 97cm
Large Largo superior 24" 61cm
Large Cintura de pantalón 26" - 36" 66cm - 91cm
Large Pant Outseam 38 1/2" 98cm
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