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Vestido skater de R2D2 de la Guerra de las Galaxias

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Vestido skater de R2D2 de la Guerra de las Galaxias
Vestido skater de R2D2 de la Guerra de las Galaxias
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  • Vestir
  • 94% algodón, 6% spandex de punto elástico
  • El frente tiene una imagen impresa del panel de control del R2D2
  • Licenciado oficialmente

In the Star Wars galaxy, there is a different droid for every occasion. Hosting a fancy dinner party and need a bartender with extensive knowledge of etiquette and witty banter? A shiny protocol droid ought to do the trick. Just bought a moon and need to know where the best spot to build your vacation cabin is? Deploy your trusty probe droid to do some poking around. But if you're heading out on a trip and you have no idea what you'll run into, a loyal astromech droid is definitely what you want tagging along!

The best thing about astromechs is that, for droids, they actually look pretty cute, which makes dresses like this R2D2 Skater Dress cute and stylish, too. Since this is an officially licensed Star Wars dress, it's designed after the actual R2D2, the original resourceful, reliable, spunky little chatterbox droid, and not some cheap imitation bot with a bad motivator that's just going to blow up. This comfy, casual dress probably won't boost your computer hacking or hyperdrive repair skills, but it will show everyone what a big Star Wars fan you are. It'll also give you an excuse to whistle and beep in public!

Carta del Tamaño
X-Small Pecho 25" - 27" 64cm - 69cm
X-Small Cintura 23" - 25" 58cm - 64cm
X-Small Longitud 29" 74cm
Small Pecho 27" - 29" 69cm - 74cm
Small Cintura 24" - 26" 61cm - 66cm
Small Longitud 30" 76cm
Medium Pecho 29" - 31" 74cm - 79cm
Medium Cintura 26" - 28" 66cm - 71cm
Medium Longitud 31" 79cm
Large Pecho 32" - 34" 81cm - 86cm
Large Cintura 28" - 30" 71cm - 76cm
Large Longitud 32" 81cm
X-Large Pecho 34" - 36" 86cm - 91cm
X-Large Cintura 31" - 33" 79cm - 84cm
X-Large Longitud 33" 84cm
2X-Large Pecho 38" - 40" 97cm - 102cm
2X-Large Cintura 34" - 36" 86cm - 91cm
2X-Large Longitud 33" 84cm
3X Pecho 40" - 42" 102cm - 107cm
3X Cintura 38" - 40" 97cm - 102cm
3X Longitud 33" 84cm
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