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Vestido flapper con lentejuelas y flecos azul talla extra

Plus lentejuelas y flecos azul aleta
Plus lentejuelas y flecos azul aleta
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  • 100% poliéster
  • Vestido sin mangas con cuello pulido con cuello redondo con lentejuelas plateadas
  • Corpiño alargado tiene un forro sólido con superposición de lentejuelas semi-transparente
  • Falda de cintura caída con 2 capas de flecos sobre la capa base de punto de lentejuelas
  • La diadema elástica plateada con lentejuelas tiene un penacho de x plumas
Descripción del Producto

Flappers embodied feminine rebellion almost 100 years ago. No longer content to adhere to stifling Victorian mores, these ladies threw out every rule in the etiquette book and decided to do their own thing. This meant listening to a crazy new fringe genre of music called jazz, going out all night to dance and otherwise party, wearing lots and lots of makeup, cutting their hair short into bobs, having drinks, driving cars around, and otherwise just doing whatever the heck pleased them. These acts of revolt may seem a bit modest by modern standards, but they’re as impressive as can be relative to their time.

Perhaps no facet of the flapper lifestyle better defined their movement than their fashion. Straight, loose, strapless dresses that showed off arms and knees, silk stockings and garter belts, and even high heels came into prevalence thanks to flappers. Necklaces hung loose and flapped about, rouge in mass quantities came into vogue, and corsets were thrown in the trash where they belong. Sun tans became a badge of honor, a sign that a woman actually enjoyed having fun outdoors. What a freeing feeling that must have been!

This fringed and sequined dress and headband is the perfect look for when you want to rebel. The blue version of our popular flapper ensemble looks great paired with a boa, pair of heels, and irresponsibly long necklace. See our other colors if you and your girls are planning a night out together. The town won’t know what hit it!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
1X Pecho Up to 44" Up to 112cm
1X Caderas Up to 46" Up to 117cm
1X Longitud 36" 91cm
2X Pecho Up to 48" Up to 122cm
2X Caderas Up to 52" Up to 132cm
2X Longitud 37" 94cm
3X Pecho Up to 52" Up to 132cm
3X Caderas Up to 54" Up to 137cm
3X Longitud 38" 97cm
4X Pecho Up to 56" Up to 142cm
4X Caderas Up to 58" Up to 147cm
4X Longitud 40" 102cm
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