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Disfraz de lujo de Hiedra venenosa de DC Superhero Girls

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Disfraz de lujo de Hiedra venenosa de DC Superhero Girls
Disfraz de lujo de Hiedra venenosa de DC Superhero Girls
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Vestir
  • Polainas
  • Cinturón
  • Todas las piezas 100% poliéster
  • La parte superior del vestido presenta una superposición transparente con corpiño forrado y cierre de Hook and Loop fastener en la parte posterior
  • Las polainas tienen cintura elástica y mitad inferior transparente ajustada
  • Cinturón con espuma impresa y lazos en la parte posterior
  • Licenciado oficialmente

Is your little girl growing up with a fascination for plants? Does she almost seem to prefer talking to flowers over the other kids in her class? Well, that doesn't sound odd to us, not in the least bit. In fact, she reminds us of one of the strongest females to ever enter the comic book worlds. We are, of course, talking about the infamous Poison Ivy!

All too often does Poison Ivy get a bad reputation... it may be due to her self-proclaimed life-long mission of 'purifying' Gotham, making it a better place for plant life to grow prosperously without human interference but, hey, we get it, plant-life is pretty and kind of necessary for the earth to survive. So who is the real villain?... Think about that one for a bit. A lot of people fail to remember that Poison Ivy can actually be a positive and motherly role model. After a devastating earthquake, she actually took care of a number of orphans and provided produce to the starving population of the ruined city! See? She's not all bad, maybe just a bit misunderstood. Now your little princess can look just like the most powerful tree hugger in all of fiction with this Poison Ivy Deluxe Costume, and maybe even help to clean up the villainess' reputation a bit! Who knows, maybe she'll even develop the ability to manipulate plant life with her mind! Imagine how beautiful your garden could look!

Even if those powers fail to develop, your little girl can still look like one of the most powerful women in all of DC's universe with your help! Once she has this Deluxe Costume, all she needs is a red wig and a few accessories to add even more green and plant-life to her outfit, and it will seem as if she jumped right out of the panels from your favorite Batman Comic!

Carta del Tamaño
Small Cofre de vestido 28" 71cm
Small Vestido blusa longitud 10" 25cm
Small Cintura de polainas 20" - 22" 51cm - 56cm
Small Longitud de las polainas 29" 74cm
Medium Cofre de vestido 30" 76cm
Medium Vestido blusa longitud 14" 36cm
Medium Cintura de polainas 24" - 26" 61cm - 66cm
Medium Longitud de las polainas 34" 86cm
Large Cofre de vestido 34" 86cm
Large Vestido blusa longitud 17" 43cm
Large Cintura de polainas 26" - 28" 66cm - 71cm
Large Longitud de las polainas 39" 99cm
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