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Disfraz infantil de Sombrerero Loco Deluxe

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Disfraz infantil de Sombrerero Loco Deluxe
Disfraz infantil de Sombrerero Loco Deluxe
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Artículos incluidos
  • Chaqueta / Chaleco Combo
  • Pantalones
  • Corbata
  • Faja
  • tiene
  • Cinta de bolsillo
  • Tejido 100% poliéster, 100% espuma de poliuretano
  • Chaqueta-chaleco combinado con Hook and Loop fastener en la parte posterior del cuello; botones decorativos en el panel frontal de la chaqueta
  • El panel de chaleco cosido tiene botones impresos, bordes y estampado de diamantes
  • La corbata está cosida a una banda de cuello autoadherente que se ajusta en la parte posterior con Hook and Loop fastener
  • Cinta de bolsillo y hoja de espuma sujeta al frente de la chaqueta con puntos de Hook and Loop fastener
  • Los pantalones tienen cinturilla elástica
  • Sombrero de terciopelo con respaldo de espuma con banda de raso, tarjeta "10/6" impresa, borde rígido
  • Licenciado oficialmente

Being normal is just fine--for some people. But what kid wants to be normal when he or she can choose to be one of the wacky and whimsical characters from Alice in Wonderland instead? There's a talking rabbit who's constantly checking his clock. There's a cat who can disappear, leaving nothing behind but his grin. And, of course, there's the Mad Hatter, who might be the zaniest of them all!

His affinity for oddity is well-known from his strange dances, the tea parties he holds in honor of other people’s unbirthdays, and the talking rodents that he considers his dearest friends. So if your child wants to take a break from the status quo and do things a bit differently for a change, you’re looking at the perfect off-kilter role model!

And this official Child Mad Hatter Costume from Through The Looking Glass captures the brilliant battiness of Disney’s take on the classic character in a detailed yet convenient outfit combo. From the printed bandolier of spools to the lacy lavender cuffs, it’s dripping with the kind of playfulness and whimsy that only makes sense to people for whom an ordinary lifestyle is simply unacceptable!

Just try not to get lost underneath the vast brim of that incredible top hat! And if anybody gives you a hard time about your unusual way of dressing or point-of-view, just treat them to a performance of your best Futterwacken dance. Works every time!

Carta del Tamaño
Small Pecho 30" 76cm
Small Largo de chaqueta 21" 53cm
Small Cintura 16" - 30" 41cm - 76cm
Small Longitud de los pantalones 26" 66cm
Small Circunferencia del sombrero 23" 58cm
Small Tamaño del niño 4-6 4-6
Medium Pecho 32" 81cm
Medium Largo de chaqueta 22" 56cm
Medium Cintura 18" - 34" 46cm - 86cm
Medium Longitud de los pantalones 27 1/2" 70cm
Medium Circunferencia del sombrero 23" 58cm
Medium Tamaño del niño 7-8 7-8
Large Pecho 34" 86cm
Large Largo de chaqueta 25" 64cm
Large Cintura 19" - 38" 48cm - 97cm
Large Longitud de los pantalones 31" 79cm
Large Circunferencia del sombrero 23" 58cm
Large Tamaño del niño 10-12 10-12
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