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Disfraz de turista tropical para adulto

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Disfraz de turista tropical para adulto
Disfraz de turista tropical para adulto
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Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Mono
  • Cámara inflable
  • Mono de poliéster con camisa hawaiana y pantalones cortos verdes
  • El mono dentro del aro ancho crea una forma de pera
  • Cinturón de imitación de cuero y cámara inflable también están incluidos
  • * solo viene con un disfraz *

Some people are born travelers, hopping flights to exotic locales in search of adventure and blending in no matter where they go. And for every one of those globetrotting types, there’s a tourist or two sticking out like llamas in a grocery store. They may come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but this outfit somehow manages to capture the clueless curiosity that makes them all so lovable and awkward—like llamas in a grocery store!

For those of us who may or may not have an extensive collection of Hawaiian shirts, this humorous unisex costume might hit a little close to home. In fact, someone probably should have told us sooner that our unsettlingly beachy attire makes us kind of an easy target. They sure don’t hesitate to remind us when we forget to refill the coffee pots in the break room!

But if you’re truly the worldly type, it should get a chuckle or two from your friends—if only because the included inflatable camera is a really nice touch. And since it’s not as much fun to fly solo, we recommend that you find a partner who’s willing to put on one of these goofy outfits and pretend to be your hapless traveling companion.

And don’t forget to add a straw hat or a pith helmet to cap off the ensemble! All the guidebooks assure us that your expedition’s success depends completely upon your headgear.

Well, one of them does.


Carta del Tamaño
Standard Pecho 60" 152cm
Standard Torso 40" 102cm
Standard Longitud 45" 114cm
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