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Disfraz de gato Pusheen Cat Kigurumi para adulto

Disfraz de Pusheen Cat Kigurumi para adulto
Disfraz de Pusheen Cat Kigurumi para adulto Disfraz de Pusheen Cat Kigurumi para adulto
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Artículos incluidos
  • Mono con capucha unida
  • Mono de poliéster 100% suave y difuminado con capucha incorporada, cremallera frontal
  • Detalles Pusheen bordados y aplicados por todas partes, cola de felpa en la parte posterior
  • Puños de tobillo y muñeca de punto acanalado
  • Licenciado oficialmente


Oh, Pusheen Cat, how we adore you!  We're not exactly sure how you came to our attention — sometimes, we practically forget what you even are, thanks to your rather liberal definition of "If I fits, I sits" — but nary a day has passed without us appreciating your cute little face.  You give us hope when times are sad.  You give us something to aspire to... like staying snuggled in bed!  You know what to reach for... delicious food.  Okay, so you're basically just a cat...

But, Pusheen!  You extend beyond mere feline fame.  You give us fun animated gifs for us to share with our friends and family on social media.  You give us permission to flop down and allow our bodies to transform into a semisolid state and just mold into the environment in which we're resting.  And, when it comes down to it, that's really what we humans are in need of.  If only there were a way for us to better learn from and emulate your wisdom! 


Of course, there is a way to do exactly that!  This Pusheen Cat Kigurumi Costume will pull on the magic of cartoon kitties and let you feel like you're just a bit better than the average human.  Blend adorable with comfort when you slide into this pair of officially licensed Pusheen pajamas.  They are a fuzzy jumpsuit that zips up the front and feature embroidered Pusheen details all over, from its smiley face on the hood to the striped tail that is sewn into the back.  Ribbed knit cuffs keep the pajamas a solid fit while the extra fabric lets you just spread out in purr-fect comfort. 


You'll be comfortable and feel amazing while you're stretched out in these delightful Pusheen pajamas, but just think of the costume opportunities.  Put up a frame around you and zap you're now an animated GIF!  So creative.  Folks will be flinging snacks at you! 

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
Standard Pecho de Jumpsuit 44" 112cm
Standard Longitud del mono 60" 152cm
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