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Disfraz de Sombrerero Loco Prestige para adulto

Disfraz de Sombrerero Loco Prestige para adulto
Disfraz de Sombrerero Loco Prestige para adulto
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Información del Producto
Artículos incluidos
  • Chaqueta
  • Camisa / Chaleco Combo
  • Pantalones
  • Corbata
  • Faja
  • Cinta de bolsillo
  • tiene
  • Tejido 100% poliéster, 100% espuma de poliuretano
  • Chaqueta de gamuza sintética con botones de plástico dorado en el centro del frente
  • El combo de camisa / chaleco se abrocha con velcro en la parte posterior del cuello; botones decorativos en el frente
  • La corbata de satén se cose a la banda del cuello del mismo tejido que se sujeta en la parte posterior con Velcro
  • Pantalones de rayas con cintura elástica, diseño floral impreso
  • Cinta de bolsillo y marco de hilo de vinilo moldeado para sujetar a la parte delantera de la chaqueta con velcro
  • Sombrero de terciopelo con respaldo de espuma con banda de satén, etiqueta impresa "10/6"
  • Licenciado oficialmente

The Mad Hatter has had many depictions throughout time, and there never seems to be a shortage of different takes on the character. After all, he is an unpredictable mad man. We're certain that, in spite of all the other versions, no one quite comes close to the amazing performance of the one and only Johnny Depp.

With the fantastic minds that Tim Burton pulled together, the famous character came to life like no other time before. The stark white makeup combined with all the different colorful accents was astounding to add to the changes in emotion that comes with the character, and Johnny Depp has been in so many roles similar in strangeness to him. We're actually beginning to convince ourselves that the man has simply been performing as himself in all these movies, and he just happens to be wearing clothes that fit the rest of the movie.

Of course if this were true then this man was born the mad hatter and simply goes by a different name. We could also then talk about how right the costume had to be for such a wonderful role. Just look at all that color exploding out of the outfit! The hat is crazy silly, the hair is ridiculous, and don't even get us started on the bow tie. Not to mention there seems to be places all over the clothes to put different hatter tools in for later use. It's a perfect Halloween costume for when you want to be a hero with a kind heart, but also a potential to get a little scary at the same time. It's also fantastic for a group theme!

Carta del Tamaño
Tamaño Medición Estándar Métrico
X-Large Cofre de camisa 46" 117cm
X-Large Largo de camisa 26" 66cm
X-Large Largo de chaqueta 34" 86cm
X-Large Pantalones cintura 28" - 44" 71cm - 112cm
X-Large Longitud de los pantalones 40" 102cm
X-Large Circunferencia del sombrero 26" 66cm
2X-Large Cofre de camisa 54" 137cm
2X-Large Largo de camisa 27" 69cm
2X-Large Largo de chaqueta 35" 89cm
2X-Large Pantalones cintura 32" - 54" 81cm - 137cm
2X-Large Longitud de los pantalones 40" 102cm
2X-Large Circunferencia del sombrero 26" 66cm
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