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Disfraz de Reina de Corazones deluxe para adulto

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Disfraz de Reina de Corazones deluxe para adulto
Disfraz de Reina de Corazones deluxe para adulto
Disfraz de reina roja adulto Deluxe1
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Product Information

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  • Vestir
  • Disfraz de reina roja adulto Deluxe
  • Vestido 100% poliéster con 94% poliéster, 6% spandex manga inferior
  • El corpiño del vestido tiene una inserción satinada con paneles laterales de terciopelo, tramo de punto elástico con cierre de gancho y lazo
  • Cuello de punta de ala extra grande con cierre de gancho y lazo en la parte posterior
  • Manga superior hinchada con volantes negros y rojos decorativos
  • Manga inferior fruncida con bandas decorativas rojas y puños con volantes
  • Falda de varias capas con malla de malla y capas de organza para un look completo
  • Accesorio negro adjunto con borde de organza
  • Disfraz de Disney con licencia oficial

They all say, “It must be nice to be Queen.” The assumption is that everyone has to do exactly what you say and if they don't, you can make sure they pay for their disobedience! Then, you get to spend your time playing croquet with flamingos and having your very own unbirthday party—even on your birthday, if you chose! But, that life is all a fantasy. Maintaining authority is difficult. Your royal might is questioned and interlopers keep showing up, claiming that the kingdom needs a new shiny head of state. The last one even claimed that they made better tea and that you were just ruling a house of cards! The royal “dispatcher” couldn’t even hear your reasonable demand over the roar of your otherwise devoted people. So, then, when you get a little agitated and scream out something silly like, “Off with their heads,” naturally at the exact moment that the room starts to quiet, you have this awful image that isn’t ever going away!

The villain queen, they say!? Well, that seems a little overdoing it! We talk loud and proud about how terrible the villains are… how many atrocities they have committed or what terror they unleash upon the innocents. We have heard the stories time and time again! Some of those villains, though, are given a pretty bad rap. They can’t all be that bad. Maybe they took a wrong road, sure, but they have to have some redeeming qualities, right!? What about all those Wonderlings that you keep safe with your perhaps slightly overly passionate rule!?

Now, you have the opportunity to show the world who you really are and set the story straight with this officially licensed Disney Adult Deluxe Red Queen costume. The luxurious polyester dress has a printed satin insert and puffed up sleeves with decorative black and red ruffles. The skirt base has the Red Queen’s iconic heart design print and is overlaid by red organza and mesh to give it a fuller look. Add a bright red wig, a heart scepter, and a Tim Burton makeup kit and you will have the perfect image to finally redefine what it means to be the Red Queen. They’ll listen to you for sure. And, hey, if they don’t?—You can always be the Queen that they feared in the first place!

Carta del Tamaño
Please make sure to double check size chart.
Runs Small
Slightly Small
True To Size
Slightly Large
Runs Large
Small Pecho 33" - 35" 84cm - 89cm
Small Cintura 24" - 26" 61cm - 66cm
Small Longitud del vestido 54" 137cm
Medium Pecho 35" - 37" 89cm - 94cm
Medium Cintura 27" - 29" 69cm - 74cm
Medium Longitud del vestido 55" 140cm
Large Pecho 38" - 40" 97cm - 102cm
Large Cintura 30" - 33" 76cm - 84cm
Large Longitud del vestido 56" 142cm
X-Large Pecho 45" - 47" 114cm - 119cm
X-Large Cintura 37" - 39" 94cm - 99cm
X-Large Longitud del vestido 57" 145cm
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