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Gorra para peluca de disfraz

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Gorra de peluca de traje
Gorra de peluca de traje
Product Information

Artículos incluidos
  • Casquillo de la peluca
  • Tapa de peluca elástica Tan
  • Tamaño: estándar; una talla le queda a la mayoría

People are always saying crazy things. But once in a while, they say something that makes a lot of sense, too. Like choose the right tool for the job.

As kids, some of us were lucky enough to have a friend or family member who would take us aside to impart these little nuggets of wisdom, and some of us were forced to learn the hard way: using what we gleaned from sitcoms and lengthy trial-and-error. And some of us know that a Costume Wig Cap is way better for keeping your hair under control than a damp cabbage leaf, a homemade cheesecloth balaclava, or a supposedly well-trained sugar glider.

We're not saying that a basic accessory like this is going to be nearly as thrilling as whatever you might come up with on your own. But depending on how handy you are, it might save you a pretty big headache!

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